Dorian Cornelius Jasper (baymooncity) wrote,
Dorian Cornelius Jasper

I Am Being Stealthy!

Hence, I'll update this while no one's looking.  There's no random around-the-page comments in the new page because I honestly couldn't think of anything to say.  Or, rather, I didn't need to say anything at all.  Because it's been so long since I returned to this belated gag comic, I'll repost everything.

Penny Cover
Penny 2-3
Penny 4-5
Penny 6-7
Penny 8-9
Penny 10-11
Penny 12-13
Penny 14-15
Penny 16-17
Penny 18-19
Penny 20-21

And only one eon in the making. 

Pages 22-23 incoming.  ETA:  When pigs fly.

I'm getting ever so close to the terribly unfunny punchline.  Be forewarned.

Tags: because i am quite sneaky you see

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