Dorian Cornelius Jasper (baymooncity) wrote,
Dorian Cornelius Jasper

Have Doodle, Will Scan

I mean, might as well, right?  I didn't bother cleaning it or anything.  Figured I'd better draw something and put it up.


At least my "quick and sloppy" sketches look relatively clean.  I ought to be more adventurous, though.  Man-Yukari got renamed to "Gwyn" to match with "Gwendolyn."  Jasper also has a top hat for some reason.  A monocle, too.

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in my own head.
I'm also considering subscribing to ImagineFX.  I pick up an issue every month at the Barnes and Noble, so I might as well save some money while I'm at it.  I buy it just to gawk at other peoples' work and read about how they did the stuff they did, hopefully picking up a cue or two in the process.

Maybe I ought to practice a colored pic again.  Those usually get me fired up.

Tags: should think about practicing with ink s

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