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The Ten Young Sages of the West and the Rest of the Twelve

    And other things.  Did you know how hard it is to figure out kanji and hanzi when you've got absolutely no clue what it is you're writing?  Well now I know and I wish I didn't.

    It's been two months that haven't been as productive as they should've been.  Again.  Ah, well.  I've got a handful of sketches, including the remainder of the Twelve Wizards that I mentioned... (looks back) over a year ago.  I'm not terribly worried, though I think I have enough money I can actually buy Photoshop and a goodly-sized tablet to actually seriously try those ImagineFX tutorials and workshops I keep reading and sighing over.  And anyway, in the grand scope of things, a lack of professional tools is the least of my concerns.

    Also, I went back and compressed a lot of what I liked most about those shotgun-approach ideas I wrote for character profiles back in the series of Unluckies posts and I made one definitive, easier-to-manage stable of characters that I might be able to work with.  Though all the ideas I didn't scoop up and compile I'll always at least have for use later.  All but two of these characters I've written about elsewhere on the LJ (which I must constantly tell myself is no substitute for an actual blog or website!  But alas, laziness)  in some form or another, even in the form of minor footnotes or namechecks.   And those two are relatives of Silva Mage Association characters so, well, they're not terribly new in effect either!

    I've done a bit of trimming down on older, somewhat more melodramatic ideas I thought up a while back.  For some reason, it seems like restraint helps keep my head grounded.  It also puts the even subtler weird moments in pretty stark relief.

    (On the topic of drawing landscapes and the like, I've come to terms with the fact that I will never outgrow my reliance on photoreference.  And, nowadays, Google Maps.  No, seriously.  You can zoom in and see street-level views of cities and not only is it fascinating it also makes for a cheap and dirty substitute for actually getting real photos of these places I intend to draw!  Like London.  No seriously, try it out sometime. This is helpful because traffic in the Greater Seattle Metropolitan area makes me all kinds of frustrated.)

    Anyway, I'll put all the pictures down below the LJ-cut.  Before I get to the ensemble (or part one of it), I'll also get some words in on those members of Jupiter's Twelve Consuls that had been waiting for basic designs since, well, I forget since when.  They were around longer and therefore kind of deserve top billing here.  Though I didn't give it to them because they're high-level villains and not exactly something you toss some starting-level characters at.

The Twelve Consuls, Heroes of the Federation.
Here's a refresher, in descending order of power level:  (I've bolded the names of those that I hadn't drawn until recently.)
    1--Rigbaledos Aldathain, the First Consul and second only to President Semmerling in authority--which is precisely what he tells the President, in case you were wondering.  Effective commander-in-chief of the entirety of the Federated Dominions' expeditionary forces deployed to the Inner Worlds and owner of quite a large hat.  Tends not to die when killed.
    2--Lord Enmarith Alzent, the Second Consul and Fieldmarshal of the First Fleet.  Is probably the direct and quite recent ancestor to half the modern vampire and dhampire population in the entire solar system despite not being a vampire himself--hence the dhampires.  Since vampire babies are made the same way regular babies are (biting is really more of a feeding/recharging thing here), this means that over the past few millennia he's been very busy.  He is not nearly as interested in women who are not vampires, oddly enough.  I wonder if there's a proper name for his, er, inclinations.  Hematophagophilia?
    3--Lawrence Godhigh, the Third Consul and the most powerful Taoist sorceror this side of the Celestial City.  And, some say, the other side as well.  I've drawn him several times because he's just fun to draw.  But not this time, no.
    4--Quenton Reuel Gregory MacDonwald, the Fourth Consul and the Federation's spymaster.  He's so good he can walk right into the Celestial City and nobody would know it's him.  His eyepatch and scar are fake as his face is easy to remember with them on but very easy to forget when they're off.
    5--"Amaterasu," the Fifth Consul and the spiritual compass overseeing the well-being and prosperity of the Federation citizens.  Her family name I've started transliterating as "Suidera" since the original name was kind of an awkward reading of the kanji I'd picked.  (That name, in kanji, being "水寺".)  This means some Unluckies will have their names changed, too.
    6--"Lü Bu," the Sixth Consul and the Fieldmarshal of the Second Fleet.  This Fleet also operates in forward and social reconnaissance, therefore the Consul is also an infiltrator to be feared.  Knows the weaknesses of even the feared Doctors Jack Gilchrist and Dorian C. Jasper and is not an opponent to underestimate.
    7--Dr. Seria Raulwen, the Seventh Consul and former Duke of Galberia--now a province of the Belnesarian Kingdom of Ordalesca.  Escaping the machinations of the Celestial Republic, she sided with the other Twelve Wizards so as to have her revenge.  It bears noting that her title was "Duke" but not due to any confusion of genders.  This is a quirk of the Greenworld's more magically developed--and militarily dominant--nations.  As women tended to be the strongest wielders of magic, and as the strength of one's magic directly correlates with the strength of one's body and mind, most of their military leaders were women.  These military titles eventually became analogous to titles referring to military and political leaders in the Blueworld--the titles of the peerages.  Belnesaria, like many other Solandilean-descended countries, used only a unisex title describing those holding these positions.  In modern times, however, civilian ladies of the peerage have begun styling themselves using the feminine forms of these titles as they feel being called "King," "Duke," "Prince," or "Earl" is simply not feminine enough to suit modern fashion.  (Most modern military noblewomen, on the other hand, tend not to give a damn about that.)
    8--The Old King, the Eighth Consul and the Fieldmarshal of the Third Fleet.  Is an empty suit of armor.  Magitech powered armor.  He does not like to be trifled with.  He also does not like the prospect of swimming.
    9--"Zhang Sanfeng," the Ninth Consul and the third member of the Twelve to operate primarily in enemy territory.  Has a pleasantly reassuring smile that radiates compassion and a strong sense of justice.  Unfortunately, said justice involves throwing the Inner Worlds into interplanetary war and chaos so that he and his colleagues can conquer and rebuild these worlds in their image.  Which is kind of a jerk thing to do.
    10--Sir Aelshan Corraine, the Tenth Consul and the Fieldmarshal of the Knightly Order of the Gods' Twilight.  Ex-husband to one of Dr. Raulwen's descendants in Belnesaria and former Knight Captain-Commander of the Imperial Knights Palatine, he was once the greatest hero of his generation and a mighty warrior exceeding even the mythical Swordbearer in skill-at-arms.  Now known as the most terrible turncoat in the history of the Greenworld's mortal men.  Humble enough to bow before his peers yet fearsome enough to earn the respect of even the godlike First Consul, such a mighty warrior is counted as merely the tenth among Twelve due to his lack of raw magical talent.  He makes up for this in the sharpness of his steel and the strength of his resolve.
    11--Lady Anri Semmerling, the Eleventh Consul, Director-In-Chief of the Federal Defense Research and Development Fund, master of the Great House Semmerling, and by far the youngest among the Twelve Consuls.  In the Sixth War against the Crimson Emperor, she was merely a child.  But even then she was a fearsome and accomplished asset to the insurgent alliance.  Though small, she was the Rebel Emperor's greatest engineer and artificer.  Now a grown woman, her abilities have grown accordingly.  Thankfully for the Twelfth Consul, he is no longer outranked by a child half his height.  Unfortunately for him, however, her abilities eclipse his even more than they once did.   Of her own troubles, however, she finds the fact that her figure--compared to the other ladies of the Twelve--is somewhat wanting in various aspects of feminine charm.  Her natural envy of Dr. Raulwen, currently the most popular Consul among the troops for reasons readily apparent to all, is tempered by the fact that she finds bunnies unbearably adorable.
    12--Carmello Dominiquae FitzGerald, the Twelth Consul.  Though easily mighty enough to swat aside any foolish and stereotypical young hero from the Celestial Republic daring to challenge him, one cannot help but feel a twinge of pity for the poor man.  The poor, pitiful, poncy little man.  He's weaker than the former team loli.  They love to remind him of this fact.

    And now some pictures to illustrate.  First, the Second and Tenth Consuls.   Yes, these are the solar system's most prolific father-of-unfortunately-illegitimate-children and the once-greatest Knight the Greenworld has ever known, respectively.  Both are considered "Knights" by the Hero classification system.  Amazingly, neither of them is an Avatar, yet both are strong enough that even mountain-tall Godheads are little challenge for their skills.  Or their fabulous.  (One has rose petals, the other has a laurel crown.  And let's face it, Caesar was also fabulous.  I was a little lazy in drawing berries in the wreath, though.  So I didn't.)


    Next up is the Fourth Consul.  The Eyepatch is fake, and so's the Scar.  But the Godhead is real.  He could kick poor Haeyong's ass anyday.  (Sorry, Haeyong.)   It's a very rough-and-tumble sketch, but I'd like to point out that Godhead Horus has way too many eyes for his profile.  All of them can see.  And shoot laser beams.   (Technically not lasers, no, but what else are you gonna call them?)


    The remaining two Consuls, Seria and Anri.  One really ought to wear something a bit more decent in the workplace.  The other really ought to learn to respect her co-workers' personal space.  And how an Oulinshan might go about articulating her ears that way is anybody's guess.  Neither is as fabulous as Enmarith Alzent, though.  No way.


   And last but not least, a picture ambush!  This one's a sketch of two young Sages during the Age of the Celestial Empire.  On the left is a young Rigbaledos Aldathain.  Yes, that's him.  It's a trap.  On the right is Celas Arjuslan, and I'll probably draw him looking just like that from here on out.


    As you can probably tell by now, if I draw a cute girl, chances are better than even that if she's not amply endowed I might just say she's a guy and leave it at that.  This is also the exact story of the creation of a certain famous fighting game crossdresser and moe icon.  Seriously.

   I brought up Arjuslan because he's important in the next part.


    The Ten Young Sages of the West.  Or at least seven of them.  The other three have already been mentioned in the Unluckies posts.  I've erased most of the more complicated bits from their backstories and compiled everyone together into one set of circumstances that ought not make my head spin trying to work it all out.  (I'll admit to having a problem with that.)
    The story behind this ensemble, of which some familiar faces might stand out, is that during and after the most recent Crimson Emperor War--or, as a certain irreverrant author and her friends would call it, the Sixth War Crimtastic--a number of children were born with a mysterious deficiency in their genetic code.  The strength of one's magical bloodline is of the utmost importance to Magi all across the solar system.  It is one of the world's great injustices that the circumstances of one's birth can command not only one's worldly fortunes but also the strength of one's connection to the realms mystic.  And all of these children were born with no innate magical talent whatsoever.  Even the most ordinary of children in the most ordinary of circumstances possess a minimum of at least a 1% affinity with the etheric forces that govern the universe--known to the Magi as the Essence of the World.  All modern humankind can claim descent from the Ancients who stood beside the Gods and the potential for magic was literally written in their blood--long before civilization had unlocked the secrets of the genome, the Ancients programmed the a shard of cosmic power in these microscopic spirals.
    But these children had nothing.
    Professor Celas Arjuslan of the Seven Guilds Academy, known to the Celestial Republic as a living legend and among the last remaining links to a lost age, found these children and became their mentor.  In each child he found some spark of potential unknown to the conventional wisdom of the times, some value that he felt was worth more than the blood to which that child was born.  Long before magic was written into humankind's blood, before the age of the modern Mage, the Ancients had to master the mysteries of Essence on their own power.  With no inborn talent for the mystic arts they somehow mastered the sciences of the Gods and forged the greatest civilization known to man.  Thus, with patience and understanding born from living a life longer than history itself, Arjuslan sought to bring out those same qualities in these ten children.
    After over a decade of hard work and perseverance, each student had found some quality within him or herself strong enough that even the Essence of the World took notice.  The entire Wizards' Concord was watching when it came time to test their skills and knowledge.  They were not found wanting.  Equal to the brightest and highest-born Magi of their generation, strong enough to rival Wizards ten times' their own age, the Ten became renowned across the globe.  All of them found their way in the world, some traveling to worlds beyond, all finding fame and their fortunes working to fulfill the ideals of their great Teacher--that those with power must strive to do Good. However, in the years since, renown turned to infamy as one among them fell from grace.
    His name is An Lingzhou.  Wanted for the assassination of a God and for waging war against the worlds of the Celestial Republic, he has been found guilty of the highest treason.  What would bring this young man to rebel against Heaven and Earth?  The learned men still ask the question but fear the answer.   Even more worrying, he was only the ninth among Ten young prodigies.  Compared to his illustrious colleagues, he was unremarkable.  A "milquetoast," as they called him.  The Gods have taken notice of this fact.

    The Ten Young Sages of the West, so-called because they represent the finest young Magi of the Western Concord delegations, are with only one exception all famous (or infamous) for their powers, intelligence, and the potential they represent.  Each one graduated secondary school with the equivalent of a Doctorate in one or more fields and, while unassuming in appearance and even behavior, none are to be underestimated, as evidenced by fate of the Dodecatheonian Ares. 

First Sage:   Runa Constantinovna Ascham 
--Special Traits:
    Unbreakable--Immune to Debuffs and Fear effects.
    Witch's Bloodline--Switch between two forms.  One high-MP-regen form, one casting-bonus form.
    Polymath--Multiclass cap increased by 1.
    Professional lvl. 3 --Skill Art "Espionage," mastery of disguises, sabotage, battlefield infiltration, and assassination.
    Yserian lvl. 3  --Mystic Art "Medica Yserium," powerful medical magic and medical-based martial arts.
    Ordainer lvl. 3--Mystic Art "Hypatian Order," metamagic to counter and defeat magic itself.
    Alchemist lvl. 3 --Mystic Art "Azoth," transmutations to support allies as well as suppress enemies.
    Sage lvl. 2 --Hero Class, Creation-aspected.  Bonus to MP regeneration, Ward Saves, and casting of Mystic Arts.
    Total Character Level:  14  (Upper-mid tier.  Special traits raise tier ranking to Upper tier.  ORB Rating 5--Wizard.)
--Summary:  Ultimate close-combat Avatar-killer.  Extremely strong vs. magitech, including Godheads.  Infiltration/Ambush capable.  

Second SageAshley Bellefort
--Special Traits:
    Affinity For Technology--Access to communications and equipment stratagems when she is in play.
    Genie lvl. 3 --Skill Art "Engineering," the ability to alter terrain to aid allies, hinder enemies, and demolish defenses.
    Ranger lvl. 3 --Mystic Art "Survivalism," magics to survive in hostile territory and increase defense.
    Marksman lvl. 3 --Combat Art "Snipe," gun skills, improved lethality and morale suppression.
    Hunter lvl. 5 --Hero Class, Destruction-type.  Bonus vs. Ward Saves, to Reflex Saves, and to cast Skill Arts.
    Total Character Level:  14  (Upper-mid tier.  ORB Rating 5--Wizard.)
--Summary:  Long-range support and battlefield-control hero.  Dominates terrain control and lanes of fire.  Ambush capable.

Third SageKris Pelitakarda
--Special Traits:
    Remnant Godhead--May manifest a Godhead as instant activation Ordnance, but not a summoned unit.
    Professional lvl. 3 --Skill Art "Espionage," mastery of disguises, sabotage, battlefield infiltration, and assassination.
    Pathfinder lvl. 3 --Mystic Art "Bridge Charedia," manipulation of space to aid in mobility and restrict enemies.
    Dragoon lvl. 3 --Combat Art "Barrage," gun skills improving mobility and rate of fire.
    Hunter lvl. 5 --Hero Class, Destruction-aspected.  Bonus vs. Ward Saves, to Reflex Saves, and to cast Skill Arts.
    Total Character Level:  14  (Upper-mid tier.  ORB Rating 5--Wizard.)
--Summary:  High-mobility midrange fire support and skirmisher.  Easily exploits weak spots on the field.  Infiltration/Ambush capable.

Fourth SageTengus Brynzn
--Special Traits:
    Unflinching Discipline--May re-roll any failed Morale check.
    Iron Liver--May re-roll any failed resistance check against Debuffs.
    Monk lvl. 3 --Mystic Art "Discipline Force," magical skills that augment one's mental and physical capabilities.
    Navigator lvl. 3 --Mystic Art "Astronomy," calculation magic that affects probabilities and improve tactical foresight.
    Chemist lvl. 3 --Skill Art "Elixir," wise battlefield applications of chemicals and potions, both beneficial and less so.
    Sage lvl. 4 --Hero Class, Creation-aspected.  Bonus to MP regeneration, Ward Saves, and casting of Mystic Arts.
    Total Character Level:  13  (Upper-mid tier.  ORB Rating 5--Wizard.)
--Summary:  Frontline support and area control hero.  Rock-solid linchpin of any forward defensive line.

Fifth SageCoronis Kelvin Moonriver
--Special Traits:
    Polymath--Multiclass cap increased by 1.
    Multitasker--May cast multiple Arts at multiple targets at no additional penalty.
    Katadesmor lvl. 3 --Mystic Art "Mist Ashteiona," medium-long range Debuffs and Fear effects.
    Swordswain lvl. 3 --Combat Art "Expertise," defense-oriented, speed and counterattack fighting style.  Swords only.
    Arcanist lvl. 2 -- Esoteric Mystic Art "Arcana," extremely long-range, wide-effect magic.  Low-efficiency, high output.
    Druid lvl. 2 -- Mystic Art "Elemental," short-midrange support and attack magics.
    Sage lvl. 2 --Hero Class, Creation-aspected.  Bonus to MP regeneration, Ward Saves, and casting of Mystic Arts.
    Total Character Level:  12  (Upper-mid tier.  ORB Rating 5--Wizard.)
--Summary:  Multi-range support and crowd-control hero.  Can effectively cover multiple zones of control at once.

Sixth SageHaruno Kagura  ( 春埜 神楽 )
--Special Traits:
    Flair for the Dramatic--May re-roll failed deployment rolls and may charge in the same turn he is deployed.
    Spirit of the Machine--Once per turn, as a pilot, may roll a d20.  On an 11+ one single damage result is repaired.
    Uhlan lvl. 3 --Combat Art "Lancier," fast-assault heavy shock attack fighting style.  Spears/lances only. 
    Professional lvl. 3 --Skill Art "Espionage," mastery of disguises, sabotage, battlefield infiltration, and assassination.
    Adventurer lvl. 3 --Command Style "Daredevil,"  command auras to improve allies' mobility and attack.
    Knight lvl. 2 --Hero Class, Harmony-aspected.  Bonus vs. Reflex Saves, to Medical Saves, and to cast Combat Arts.
    Total Character Level:  11  (Upper-mid tier.  ORB Rating 5--Wizard.)
--Summary:  High-mobility shock assault leader and ace Pilot.  Infiltration/Ambush capable(!).  Charge-attack ambush abuser.

Seventh SageEdward Ostengeard
--Special Traits:
    The Art of Words--Nearby enemies must re-roll successful Morale checks.
    Devotion and Loyalty--Automatically Fearless and bonuses to casting if nearby allies are Fleeing or Broken.
    Why Can't You Be More Like Siegfried?--Because he's his own person!  He's allowed to smoke and everything.
    Paladin lvl. 3 --Mystic Art "Minastratxian Circle," radius-AOE defensive and counterattack barriers.
    Velite lvl. 3 --Combat Art "Swiftness," close-combat fighting style, overwhelming rate of attack and speed.
    Consular lvl. 3 --Mystic Art "Psionics," midrange morale suppression and tactical initiative interruption magic.
    Sage lvl. 1 --Hero Class, Creation-aspected.  Bonus to MP regeneration, Ward Saves, and casting of Mystic Arts.
    Total Character Level:  10  (Middle tier.  ORB Rating 4--Doctor.)
--Summary:  Short-range defensive specialistStrong vs. large numbers of troops, especially close combat assault units.

Eighth SageCordelia Agatha Philips-Gilchrist-Adelstierne of Argondy
--Special Traits:
    Polymath--Multiclass cap increased by 1.
    Vanguard lvl. 3 --Combat Art "Might and Power," high-strength fighting style that unleashes great and terrible force.
    Gendarme lvl. 2 --Combat Art "Armored Frame," fighting style for specializing in armor and defeating armor.
    Captain lvl. 2 --Command Style "Inspire," improve nearby allies' morale and lead them to feats of heroism.
    Esper lvl. 1 -- Support Skills "ESP," bonuses and improvements to Universal Mystic Arts.
    Knight lvl. 1 --Hero Class, Harmony-aspected.  Bonus vs. Reflex Saves, to Medical Saves, and to cast Combat Arts.
    Total Character Level:  9  (Middle tier.  ORB Rating 4--Doctor.)
--Summary:  Heavy assault leader, difficult to rout or shift in close combat.  Anti-tank melee capable.

Ninth SageAn Lingzhou  ( 安 凌祗 )
--Special Traits:
    Unbreakable--Immune to Debuffs and Fear effects.
    Spark of Life--Sacrifice 1 max Vitality.  For the rest of the battle, all casting rolls automatically succeed.
    Rock On!  Burning Justice~!--Sacrifice 1 Vitality and spend x MP.  Cast one Artifact Ordinance effect per MP spent.
    Alchemist lvl. 3 --Mystic Art "Azoth," transmutations to support allies as well as suppress enemies.
    Monk lvl. 3 --Mystic Art "Discipline Force," magical skills that augment one's mental and physical capabilities.
    Captain lvl. 3 --Command Style "Inspire," improve nearby allies' morale and lead them to feats of heroism.
    Sage lvl. 5--Hero Class, Creation-aspected.  Bonus to MP regeneration, Ward Saves, and casting of Mystic Arts.
    Total Character Level:  14?  (Upper-mid tier, but solidly Upper Tier with those Specials. ORB Rating 5--Wizard.)
    Summary:  Multi-range, highly specialized frontline ordnance leader.  Somewhat lacking in close combat.

Tenth Sage:   Sennouji Yukari  ( 仙王寺 縁 )
--Special Traits:
    An Incomparable Force of Will--Any Arts she casts may only be dispelled or countered at double the usual MP cost.
    The Girl's Got Charisma--All allies within range may re-roll failed Morale checks.
    And She Always Expects The Unexpected--Gain one free Move or Shoot action when Ambushed.
    By the way, there's also the gender thing, too--Same as Runa.
    Scholar lvl. 3 --Mystic Art "Academics," ally support and enemy debuffing general-purpose magic.
    Tactician lvl. 2 --Command Style "Art of War," dominating tactical initiative and turn-interrupts.
    Monk lvl. 3 --Mystic Art "Discipline Force," magical skills that augment one's mental and physical capabilities.
    Sage lvl. 1 --Hero Class, Creation-aspected.  Bonus to MP regeneration, Ward Saves, and casting of Mystic Arts.
    Total Character Level:  9  (Middle tier.  Special Traits to push that up to Upper-Mid, though.  ORB Rating 4--Doctor.)
    Summary:  Capable leader hero but heavily reliant on commanded units.  Potential close-combat abuser.

And a picture of 6-and-a-half of the Ten!  "Enishi" only counts as half, sorry.

The color version is even messier.
The pencil original a bit less so.

To sum everyone up, and get the list down into a more manageable, less silly state, here's the list seriously.  No fake wargame rules funny business.  In descending order of power, as the Twelve Consuls above them, here are the ten alumni of Arjuslan's null-magic-potential class:
    (Don't be surprised if this contradicts the older stuff.  I'm trying to keep it free of most clutter.  These are the characters reduced to their most vital and relevant info.)

    1--Runa Constantinovna Ascham, scion of the Ascham branch family of House Anatolis-Luvestiane, has a condition where she can't use magic unless female--a state that she wasn't born in.  At a young age was effectively abandoned by the Aschams and sent to live with the Sennouji family, which probably turned out for the best.  Magistrate of the Celestial Republic and one of the head investigators in the operation to catch or kill An Lingzhou and the members of his Four Sage network.  Dangerously capable spy and counterespionage agent.  Was once romantically involved with Lingzhou before his betrayal and learned her style of Alchemical martial arts from him.   War hero from the Siege of Mars.  Does not like the Tenth Sage and childhood bully, Yukari, one bit.  As a woman, is completely identical to her fraternal [unconfirmed] twin sister, Luka, except for fingerprints and the colors of their retinae.  The other alumni--as opposed to the alumnae--still treat her as one of the guys.  Except that she's cuter than everyone except Kagura.  Pleasant and cheerful lass, though sometimes there's something a bit off with her smile.
    2--Captain Ashley Bellefort of the Grand Army of the Republic, believed dead.  Another war hero, thought to have been killed in the Godspear Incident.  Is likely alive, may have defected to Lingzhou's side.  Her younger sister, Adrian, is currently a student of her friend Gawain in Silva Academy.  (Somewhat outdated prototype write-up link.)  Believed to be the pirate broadcaster and hacker known as "Radio Free Earth."
    3--Kris Pelitakarda, Co-Founder of the Silva Mage Association, but left said Guild over some disputes with other faculty members.  Now teacher and private investigator on the side; one of Yukari's co-workers.  Would be a terribly dangerous assassin if she had anyone to assassinate.  A very cute Sildane girl.  Likes old movies and Humphrey Bogart.
    4--Tengus Brynzn, CFO of the Midgard Guilds League, whose original write-up has mostly been rendered obsolete. Genius economist and administrator, but the League is in bad shape since losing the war against the Federation and now Tengus is negotiating for potential allies.  A defection risk if Lingzhou can make him an offer he can't refuse.  Has taken up drinking.  Is Althracian, so it takes a very large amount of alcohol to make him even just a little bit tipsy.  The world's most sober practitioner of Drunken Fist.  The first in class to learn how to breathe and operate unprotected in the void of space.  Has traded in his business suit for more humble garb.  It still makes him look kind of preppy, though.
    5--Coronis Kelvin Moonriver, Inspector in the CWSA.  Onmyoji and a magical, katana-wielding Dirty Harry.  Eldest sibling of the Moonriver family, is quite possibly the only really serious and straight-laced one.  Currently on the joint task force assembled to bring down the Four Sages and An Lingzhou.  Enters into a think-off rivalry with Yukari when they both start tackling the investigation.  And when they both start strategizing.  (Probably the only thing the guy ever does for fun.)  He is the closest thing to a proper "wizard" type among the ten alumni.  His friends call him Corry.  He is heavily dependent on coffee, for reasons both chemical and epicureal.
    6--Lieutenant-Commander Haruno Kagura of the Farwatch, Red Wing Company.  Ace Pilot with a flair for the dramatic and a penchant for costumes and overacting.  Was an actor before joining the 'Watch.  Wears his Celestial dress uniform all the time, even in combat.  Is a very outgoing and good-humored guy with a slightly screwball sense of humor.  Known to hide his Armor Frame in the most unlikely ways.   Can take down an Avatar's Godhead with an M4 Arrowhead Armor Frame.  This is analogous to killing a T. Rex with a soggy volleyball.
    7--Edward Ostengeard, member of the Essex branch of House Arstengard.  Likable guy, good with people and at management.  Fairly ambitious but lacks foresight and timing--probably a little impatient.  Recent investments haven't been panning out and is trying to build up a business relationship with his cousin's Guild, Silva.  Siggy is not impressed.  Edward is freakishly good at soccer though he calls it football for some reason.  Could have been a lawyer but his heart wasn't in it, could've been a soccer player but wanted to go into business.  A really loyal guy who wears his heart on his sleeve.  Is skilled in a blend of martial arts Yukari lovingly refers to as "breakdance-cheerleader fighting."  He is more agile than you can possibly believe.
    8--Cordelia Agatha Philips-Gilchrist-Adelstierne, 1st Daughter of the Earl of Vestalde.  Something of a dabbler, has not mastered as many skills or Colleges of magic as her peers.  Joined the Belnesarian Army as was required of members of Imperial Belnesarian royalty--even branch members.  (This goes doubly true of Argondian nobles, of which she is one.)  Was sponsored by a group of young Nobles to join the Farwatch as it was becoming integrated into the proper Grand Army of the Republic, but they have not been getting a very good return on their investment.  While Cordelia is quite a powerful fighter in sparring matches and in tournaments, she lacks the killing intent and discipline to make an efficient soldier. 
    9--An Lingzhou, inheritor of the An Family Alchemical martial arts.  Said to have been a jovial, laid back guy.  Was a musician in the civilian services organization helping to entertain the troops on Mars.  Was a loving, somewhat silly, and sincerely befuddled boyfriend to the First Sage, Runa.  Despite inheriting his family's magical martial art secrets and the title of the master of the art from his father, he was not as powerful in close combat as his father was.  Never bothered to look too sharp, disliked going "grim."  Was the kind of guy who would rather sit back and play guitar than fight.  (Sometimes he would make glowing green fireballs on his guitar.  He really ought to have bought a pocket protector, to be honest.)  And then he apparently discovered something that led him to betray the Republic.  Since then, he's defeated a punitive fleet sent to kill him, led by Grand Duke Gilgamesh, former King of Ur.  He's made dozens of strikes on Republic and Federation facilities, both logistical in function as well as more secretive locations.  Apparently has a vendetta against certain Avatars sitting in the Senate and is hell-bent on revenge.  An Lingzhou has killed the Olympian Guardian-class Avatar Ares in single combat, man vs. Godhead.  His rebel army, the Four Sages network, grows stronger with every victory.  But the Celestial Republic will strike back.  Funny that he doesn't look a thing like you think he would.
    10--Sennouji Yukari, otherwise known as Gwendolyn Eglantine Bowen of House Brionac-Charlendien.  Embarrassing underachiever.  While everyone else became war heroes, aristocrats, political figures, and financial high-rollers, Yukari became a moderately popular pulp fantasy author and a night school teacher in Welltree Station.  Came from a loving family, one that happened to take in an abandoned Runa at a young age.  Suffers from the same condition Runa does except is much creepier about it, to be honest.  For this reason, none of the other guys ever want to hang out with her.  While Runa turned out relatively normal, Yukari had the dubious habit of talking to a very large number of imaginary friends, some more ludicrous than others.  Also has a consistently funny (to other people) set of neuroses and inferiority complexes regarding each and every one of her former classmates.  Was chosen as one of Arjuslan's students because he pitied her the most--she's developed a persistent infatuation with him because of this.  Is an avid wargamer, game gamer, history buff, and knows about as much random, useless trivia as the typical internet nerd (read: Really Quite A Lot).  Is also much better at fighting than one would expect.  And people have started getting interested in her work, especially her books.  Including An Lingzhou.

    Now that I've gotten that out of the way and finally updated my LJ after a summer of disuse, I should also draw a picture of the Ladies of the Ten Young Sages of the West to complement the Gentlemen.  But I get the feeling I'd have to constantly fight the instinctual urge to make it a very naughty picture, and that's hardly a productive thing to do.

    Then again, I'm not a terribly productive fellow.

Tags: citation needed, got a legit copy of umineko 1-4, house of leaves was not that scary, stupid alphebetical tags ruin jokes

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  • The God-Emperor That Was, Part 2

    I'd better get the series of infodumps done while I can still identify the ideas behind my notes well enough to actually decipher my own…

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