February 7th, 2009


Heart's Content

I'm still here, still drawing, still waiterin'.

Sixten's website got hacked by Palestinian supporters, apparently.  I'm not sure why they even bothered--it's not as though doing this makes anyone like them.  Maybe they just don't like moe drawn by Westerners.  Which would mean that they are cads.

(And to think I considered actually getting my own real blog, too.  Though I'll still have to, eventually.  Livejournal's just silly for this sort of thing.)

I got diverted from Penny by a sudden urge to try my hand at giant robots again, as well as go back and draw certain characters since I'd forgotten what I thought they'd look like (and since I figured some of their new designs were better spent on other characters).  Also I realized that a lot of girls had a variation on Penny's hair and I had to change that.  Change it something fierce.

Owen's also recruited me for a little something on the side in preparation for March.  He's kind of slow to respond to my emails, strangely, so I'll just help out Narr in the meantime.

Oh, wait, I'd better scan the next Penny I'd been putting off.


I'll post the less-crappy of my doodles and experiments over the weekend.  Not to say they're not crappy, just saying they could be worse.