March 22nd, 2009


~Rock On! Milky Way~

    Well, I've returned after a long hiatus.  I think I'll have to get a proper blog soon, but 'till then I'll continue to work on my skills--both writing and picture-making.  Sixten's been telling me to finish Penny so I think I will, and I've just gotten a newfound boost of confidence by realizing that I can finish a colored picture after all.

    Armed with a cheap Martian knock-off of a Gibson Les Paul, and with the lovely "Fetterlock" as his winglady, it's the first ever picture I'd done of An Lingzhou!  (Xiufan's older brother.)  Inspired by a remark made by the one Kieron Gillen--whose second Phonogram series I'll probably pick up in trade--about how Phonomancy worked.  Since Phonomancy is magic as a metaphor for the real-life effects music and the love of music can have on people, it's not about the flashy sort of stuff you'd see in D&D or the Harry Potter.  Which got me to think, "Well, if somebody managed to find a way to make fireballs out of music, then that'd become Phonomancy, too."

    Which isn't physically possible, of course, so I settled for wrapping up Lingzhou's guitar pick inside something vaguely resembling Spiral Power.  Also, there's a sloppily-done Milky Way as a backdrop.  But hey!  It's my first proper full-colored pic.  That's gotta say something.

Collapse )

    So.  I guess I'd better get around to finishing Penny.  I guess it's sad that it's been unfinished for months now, but I went and got the Milky Way pic done in three days.