May 26th, 2009


Flying Pigs Extravaganza

    Well a flying pig.

    Since I've managed to pull myself away from TF2, Empire: Total War, Demigod, and my replays of FFXII and God Hand, I've actually gotten more pencil-paper synergistic activities fit into my Extremely Lazy Schedule.  

    Previous Penny pages archived here for someone's convenience.  I'm fairly certain that nobody actually reads this, but it helps if I know where I put things.  (Heh.)

Pages 22-23

    The joke's almost here.  It's gonna be one heck of a letdown, I tells ya.

    Also, I had the urge to revisit the old "Farwatch helmets" thumbnail page I did so very long ago and drew what I figured would suit the current Grand Celestial Republic's typical trooper (read: Mook).  And while I was there I also drew a mockup of a Dominion shock trooper--one that basically wound up looking like I stuck a Helghast helmet on top of a plain old coat.  Which works for me.

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(I've also referenced both Halo and Killzone in the same post without disparaging either.  I wonder if I've broken some sort of console war unspoken code of conduct.)

    Before I go off and drag myself to finish Penny, I might as well yammer on a bit more about the Dominion.  Or the Federated Dominions of Greater Jupiter as they like to call themselves.  Also interchangeable with "Federation" since that's what they call themselves.  Originally the Dominion and the Titan Federation were separate powers, but I figured I might as well put both of them together in one big Outer Planets superstate.  They're ruled by the Twelve Consuls, previously the backers of the Crimson Emperor's sixth awakening and subsequent attempt to overthrow the corrupt Celestial Republic and presumably still serving the Emperor to this day.  Since orchestrating the overthrow of the previous ruler of the Dominion, the goddess Creation Gate Prometheus (mythology works a bit differently here, mind), and annexing various smaller powers in the outer chunk of the solar system, they've grown powerful enough to seriously challenge the Celestials' hegemony over human civilization.
    Did I ever name them?  If I haven't, I'll do so now.  If I did, then I'll do it again.  Some refer to each other by code names, others by their real names.  In descending order of Power Level, from highest to lowest.

    The First Consul, Rigbaledos Aldathain.  Presumed killed in 2023 CE by a slightly miffed chthonic elder god.  Last seen in a bookstore in 2024 CE searching for copies of The Wonderful Chronicles Detailing The Rise And Fall of The Mighty Celestial Empire And Its First And Last Emperor: Omnibus Edition by Amelie Espere Vespardien.  May be older than civilization itself.  Constantly carded at liquor stores.
    The Second Consul, Enmarith Alzent.  Fabulous is as fabulous does.  And honey?  He's fabulous.  Also possibly older than human civilization as we know it.  And his fashion's totally, like, last century.  (Or two.)
    The Third Consul, Lawrence Godhigh.  A knowledgable and ambitious man.  Owns the Solaris Financial Group.  Doesn't care who knows it.  (Many Celestial Nobles are perfectly willing to secretly do business with him despite knowing he's out to conquer their country.)
    The Fourth Consul,  "Horus."  He could kick Ra's ass.  (Sorry, Haeyong.) 
    The Fifth Consul,  "Amaterasu."  Would you believe she owns a summer home in Colorado?
    The Sixth Consul, "Lü Bu."  Do not engage him.
    The Seventh Consul, Dr. Seria Raulwen.  Has bunny ears.
    The Eighth Consul, "Old King."  Is apparently a robotic suit of armor.  Slightly gothic in design, or so I'm told.
    The Ninth Consul, "Zhang Sanfeng."  He will never reveal the Wu-Tang* secret.
    The Tenth Consul, "The Black Prince."  I'd quote Warren Ellis' "Crecy," but dirty words are frowned upon in these parts.
    The Eleventh Consul, Anri Semmerling.  Formerly the team loli of the Twelve Wizards.  Now that she's all grown up, has to settle for being the most normal of the group.  Has an artificial Godhead called "Big Babel."
    The Twelfth Consul, "Paracelsus."  Is kind of a blowhard.  Weaker than the former team loli.

*Ought to be transliterated as Wudang, but you tell that to The RZA.

    I never did finish drawing them, either.  Oh, well.