June 29th, 2009


He's a Constable, not an Officer

    Not that anyone cares to differentiate, 'specially not in Baymoon.  Took a while but I finally got around to finishing Penny.  Took even longer to remember to actually post it.  This is probably because The Last Remnant is a better game than I'd expected (at least on PC anyway), and for that I've indulged myself again.

    Reposting everything along with the new pages.  Watch out for the last joke, it's horrible.

Penny Cover
Penny 2-3
Penny 4-5
Penny 6-7
Penny 8-9
Penny 10-11
Penny 12-13
Penny 14-15
Penny 16-17
Penny 18-19
Penny 20-21
Penny 22-23
Penny 24-25  *New*
Penny 26-27  *New*
Penny 28   *END*

    I like how my art goes from amazingly lazy and terrible to only somewhat lazy and terrible.  But always, always lazy.  The ending isn't that much of a surprise if you remember that miss Lucrezia Rhodes is Höðr incarnate.

    Also, I spent some time fiddling with designs but for some reason am averse to practical character design sheets.  (I'll have to get over that one of these days.)  Swapped Runa and Cordelia's general looks.  For some reason drew Cordy in Belnesarian uniform and gave her a headband.

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    Now I should probably attempt to do something productive again.  Hmm.