January 14th, 2010


The God-Emperor That Was, Part 1

   So, I Suppose It's a New Decade

   Man!  I keep forgetting I even have an LJ.  And that's terrible.  But what's worse, I only have a handful of pictures over the course of nearly half a year, and I still suffer from issues regarding "sameface."  Not only am I a hack, I'm a lazy hack!   That said, I think I ought to post something.  I mean, why not?  However, I don't think I'm going to post the one picture I mentioned at the end of last post.  And nothing of value was lost.

   This time, I'm going to go ahead and post what I'd written for the Crimson Emperor in all of his known incarnations, along with a bit of revised setting history to create a consistent character throughout the Emperor's various rebirths and lives.  Hopefully the changes help keep everything logical, and I'm pretty sure this one's a lot less complicated than past versions.  I think.  It seems to change every time a take a pen to it.  That's not good.  I'd better try to keep this short.  Operative word being "try."

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   That's the first two of six (plus one, sort of) bits on the Crimson Emperor.  If you're wondering why I'm using the "C.E./B.C.E." notation, it's because if I were to date the Crimson Emperors according to Anno Domini, the real timeline becomes a lot more silly.  Calling it the "Current Era" comes with the benefit of relativity--what's current to us might not be current to them, after all.  Safe to say, renumbering the years according to the AD calendar would be something of a mild spoiler.